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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

Office of Angela Scott Customer Story cover image

Office of Angela Scott Customer Story

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51% decrease

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The Office of Angela Scott is a female-founded, funded, and operated brand that celebrates the immeasurable power of women through shoes. Product lines ranging from comfortable sneakers to we-mean-business brogues provide women with beautiful works of craftsmanship for their feet. The Office of Angela Scott’s shoes give women, whether they’re working from home, a classroom, or a lab, the confidence they need to achieve amazing things. And it works — the brand has a devout following of shoe lovers that honor traditional shoemaking techniques and beautiful pieces of footwear.

The Office of Angela Scott has never had a problem attracting powerful women who love beautiful shoes. But the traditional craftsmanship techniques and quality materials used means this brand works with high-ticket items. These are notoriously hard to sell online, especially on an aggregate marketplace like Google Shopping. Performance Marketing and Creative ad agency MuteSix teamed up with Okendo to optimize the brand’s Smart Shopping ads and dramatically increase returns.

Creating a Google Shopping strategy that amplifies presence and increases return

Selling a varied collection of work shoes and sneakers, The Office of Angela Scott draws the attention of women from all walks of life. But selling luxury-level items online isn’t an easy feat — particularly in an aggregate marketplace like Google Shopping where price tags take center stage.

“The big thing for us was making sure we were staying competitive. A lot of the time we’re competing with wholesalers with big budgets and they obviously show up first in search results. We wanted to keep the campaigns cost-effective while getting our results to show up a little bit higher,” explains Madisson Cartwright, The Office of Angela Scott’s Director of Operations and Revenue.

Facing competition from brands with larger collections of budget-friendly products meant that The Office of Angela Scott team had to get creative with their listings. It wasn’t enough to attach one product image and hope for the best — not if they wanted to capture the intent-driven buyers who browse Google Shopping listings.

Even their Google Shopping ads needed a pinch of something special, thanks to an influx of competition on the platform. Luckily, FB and Google marketing agency MuteSix and Okendo’s review capture software were on hand to help.

"Before working with MuteSix, we just had a few limited shopping campaigns running that we built out ourselves, but they've helped us to manage the budget and build out different campaigns to target people more specifically”, explains Madisson.

Review for a product from 'The Office Angela Scott' using Okendo Reviews

Capturing ready-to-buy shoppers with campaigns powered by social proof

MuteSix identified Google Shopping as low hanging fruit for The Office of Angela Scott. The intent behind it means that users are actively searching to buy, so it was a no-brainer to amplify the brand’s position through strategic ad campaigns.

Google Shopping is incredibly powerful because it’s such a visually driven platform. Customers are first and foremost attracted to the product image, but incorporating reviews adds another layer of social proof. Star-ratings increase the credibility of a product and make it even easier for the customer to make a decision.

A dual approach using MuteSix’s ad expertise and Okendo’s rich review capabilities delivered the perfect solution to get The Office of Angela Scott on the radar of the right people.

“Okendo’s integration with Google Shopping provides an additional layer of social proof that builds credibility for shoppers, increasing their chances of converting before they land on the store’s website. By including Okendo reviews & establishing authority, we’re able to build stronger campaigns for our clients that on average see a 111% lift in conversion rate”, says Sara Phillips, Google Ads Manager at MuteSix.

MuteSix created smart Google Shopping campaigns that were segmented based on price point and by the type of shoe. They attached target ROAS goals to each campaign that allowed them to optimize ad spending and increase returns. Via these ads, customers were able to see what the product looks like, read like-minded customer reviews, and prequalify the item with the price before they even step foot (digitally, of course) in the store.

“MuteSix was able to build the campaigns out and scale the spend while Okendo was able to build trust with shoppers to grow our results substantially!”, says Madisson.

MuteSix saw a strong performance from Smart Shopping with the inclusion of Okendo’s reviews and star-ratings, and they ran the campaigns out across all of The Office of Angela Scott’s products. After segmenting lower-ticket items into different campaigns with a lower price point, the agency was able to control ad spend better while still bringing in a great return. When returns looked particularly good, they increased the budget to scale. Together, Mutesix and Okendo were able to dramatically increase campaign effectiveness and investment return.

View of 'The Office of Angela Scott' product with Okendo Reviews star rating snippet

Photo of Madisson Cartwright
Okendo has been wonderful to work with. The team was very accomodating in getting us set up. It was so easy to get installed and everything integrates seamlessly”
Madisson Cartwright, Director of Operations & Revenue

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