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Nimble Activewear Customer Story cover image

Nimble Activewear Customer Story

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6% increase

in Click-Through Rate

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16% increase

in Average Revenue Per Recipient


74% relative increase

in Click-Through Rate

Nimble Activewear encourages women to get their game on with stylish activewear sets. Complete with a side dish of sustainability, the brand is committed to reducing its footprint through sustainable materials and low-impact practices. Whether it’s tees and tanks to add a dose of class to your gym trip or comfy outerwear for your next hike, Nimble Activewear has got the goods. Its green-focused outlook and gorgeous range of products have led to the creation of a strong community of active earth-lovers.

Nimble Activewear has always had one finger on the social pulse. The brand understood the power of UGC and its role in encouraging buy-ready shoppers to make a purchase, but needed a way to incorporate this into abandoned cart emails. Luckily, the Okendo-Klaviyo integration was on hand to help. Through a split-test campaign featuring Okendo’s review snippets, Nimble Activewear was able to dramatically boost conversion rates on abandoned cart emails.

Leveraging social proof to drive sales

The unfortunate truth is that almost 70% of shoppers who add products to their cart don’t make it all the way to checkout. For Nimble Activewear, this was an untapped opportunity to turn intent-ready browsers into buyers.

We know how important social proof is in driving conversions. Every customer wants to see how other customers have experienced a product. As a brand, you can tell a customer one thing, but people generally trust the mass consensus. So to be able to pull that information seamlessly into our email campaigns is really great”, explains Vera Yan, Nimble Activewear’s Co-Founder.

Review for a Nimble Activewear product using Okendo Reviews

In the past, the brand had been running a simple cart abandonment campaign, but it wasn’t achieving the results the team knew were possible. Savvy on the social side of things, the Nimble Activewear team were well aware of just how powerful social proof is in the sales cycle and were keen to inject this into their cart abandonment strategy

With the Okendo-Klaviyo integration, they were able to do this with a powerful Abandoned Cart (AC) flow. The aim was to share compelling, five-star reviews from past customers in order to encourage and prompt customers who had added products to their cart without completing the purchase, to come back and buy.

Klaviyo’s AC flow triggers after a set period of time has lapsed. After this time, the tool recognizes the products a shopper has left in their cart and will send them an email reminder to complete their purchase. Often, merchants include a discount or coupon to redeem in this email. But Nimble Activewear wanted to showcase engaging reviews and add a splash of UGC to their campaign.

“The Okendo-Klaviyo integration pulls in review details for that particular item and shares them in the AC email to bring in that social proof element”, explains Vera.

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Regain lost purchases with engaging Abandoned Cart emails

It’s crucial for customers at the bottom of the funnel who haven’t yet converted to see recent five-star experiences from their peers. Ignoring them would mean leaving a considerable amount of money on the table.

The Okendo-Klaviyo integration injects product review summary snippets (which include an overall star rating and the number of reviews available) or a feed of reviews specific to the product in question to entice almost-buyers back to the point of sale.

For each new email in Nimble Activewear’s AC flow, Okendo created an identical variation that included a review snippet. The flows were then split tested, with 50% of eligible shoppers receiving the variation without reviews and 50% receiving the variation with.

"We ran an A/B test on AC emails with and without reviews in them, and those with the reviews had a click-through rate of an additional 6%. People are more inclined to click through when the review information is there and they can see that social proof”, says Vera.

In future campaigns, Nimble Activewear can implement Okendo’s Static Review Block, which pulls in the latest five-star reviews in a customizable static block, or the Dynamic GIF Review Block, which presents the reviews in a dynamic, stylized block.

Okendo’s intuitive review capture feature and Klaviyo’s powerful automated email sequences proved to be a magic combination for Nimble Activewear’s AC flow. Validation from previous customers is one of the most important factors for prospective customers. The results were unanimous. The variation that included the Okendo review snippet garnered a higher click-through rate and a higher relative change overall.

View of a Nimble Activewear abandoned cart email

Photo of Vera Yan
“Including ratings & reviews from Okendo in our abandon cart flows in Klaviyo has been a total game changer! Click-through rate and revenue-per-recipient is the highest we’ve ever seen them.
Vera Yan, Co-Founder

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